The Performance 360 approach offers employers a complete process to preventing, managing and healing workplace injuries.

About the P360 Workplace Program

The P360 Workplace Program Experience is much more than just a few treatments to manage an injured worker. Our custom-designed workplace injury prevention and rehabilitation program is a holistic solution designed for busy employers looking to reduce lost-time injuries in their business.

This experience gives you access to a small, agile team of health professionals including a Physiotherapist, Exercise Physiologist and Occupational Health Consultant, who work together to help you achieve your goals. This specialist team has extensive knowledge in the field of occupational health and safety, working together to craft packages for our corporate clients that deliver measurable, data-driven results.

From pre-employment checks to on-site task assessment, through to injury and claim management, we can provide end to end support for both small businesses and large HR teams that want to partner with an experienced occupational health provider.

pre employment assessments
pre employment evalution

Why partner with us?

  • Our early intervention approach reduces sick days and protracted WorkCover claims to help you to nip overuse injuries in the bud (or prevent them altogether)
  • We train your team on how to correctly perform workplace tasks, actions and movements to prevent common workplace injuries
    We help your business increase productivity by using technology to coach and match the worker to the task
  • Our unique workplace program integrates proactive injury prevention with WorkCover rehabilitation, providing a truly end-to-end service
    Reduce ‘over-treating’ by choosing P360: our clinicians review patients at every stage of the process, removing stagnant treatments that don’t deliver results
  • We enable businesses to improve workplace culture by valuing and understanding the needs of both the worker and the workplace
  • Our EIP and injury management approach engages and educates your team with practical strategies to improve their own wellbeing

Our workplace injury prevention and rehabilitation services include:

  • EIP (Early Injury Prevention)
  • Workplace injury prevention
  • Data-Driven Management with P360 Technology
  • Functional Capacity Assessments on all roles of the business
  • Pre-employment assessments
  • Early intervention programs to minimise WorkCover claims
  • Detailed assessments to assist in Injury Prevention
  • Assist with injured employees returning to pre-injury duties
  • Assessments to assist the risk of re-aggravation of workplace injuries

We work where you do: clinic, online or at your site

Taking advantage of a range of on-site and in-clinic options is proven to reduce the typical barriers faced in delivering a successful return to work program.

We help our patients see successful, sustainable results, which in turn helps companies to reduce their worker’s compensation insurance policies and provide a safe and enjoyable workplace.

In-Clinic Services:

  • Pre-employment assessments
  • Physiotherapy treatment
  • Exercise Physiology treatment
  • Podiatry treatment
  • Suitable to Return to Work assessments (simulated work task assessments)
  • Early Intervention Programs
  • Medico-legal reports and reviews

At your office, warehouse or site:

  • Job Task Analysis using wearable sensors
  • Workplace Risk Assessments
  • On-site physiotherapy consultations
  • Job Task Coaching using wearable sensors
  • Live suitability to return to suitable duties/work
  • Health and Wellness Programs

Video Conferencing & Telehealth Services:

  • Remote consultations
  • Remote Job Task Coaching using wearable sensors

Injury Management That Delivers Sustainable Results

At P360 we understand the value of an early return to suitable duties and graded exposure to pre-injury duties. On referral, our experienced clinicians formulate a practical and effective treatment pathway via the P360 Workplace Action Plan.

This includes:

  1. Identification of the pain/problem. This includes diagnosis, prognosis and referral for further investigations (where appropriate).
  2. An early focus on strength, movement, and function. At P360 we are heavily exercise-based and believe in active, functional treatment over traditional passive modalities where possible.
  3. Patient-centred goal setting: having goals that the patient believes in has been shown to lead to increased compliance. Getting injured workers to take ownership of their workplace rehabilitation program is essential to positive outcomes.
  4. Early, consistent and comprehensive communication with all stakeholders, including the Nominated Treating Doctor, Insurer, Rehabilitation Provider, Employer and any other treating parties.
  5. Early discussions with the employer to identify safe and sustainable duties, leading to improved return-to-work timeframes.
  6. We adopt a ‘no guessing’ policy: we assess the individual’s risk and prescribe calculated workplace duties. We focus on what they can do.

We’re skilled in coaching employees back to optimum health

At P360 we excel at the identification of both physical and psychological barriers that can slow or prevent healing. When properly addressed and managed, we can minimise these barriers, coaching our clients back to optimum health.

Some common barriers to wellness include:

  • Pathology (do we need to wait for healing or changes in structure)
  • Physiology (identification of weaknesses or loss of range of motion)
  • Biomechanics (how is the worker completing their job and activities of daily living)
  • Psychology (yellow flags such as pain focused or fear-avoidant behaviours)
  • Load Management (current capacity and volume of work)

We outline an easy to understand and execute worker management strategy to all parties, from the initial assessment and as required throughout the entire rehabilitation process.

This helps our patients get back to work safely and helps businesses regain their complete and healthy workforce.

Efficient Claim Management for Employers and Insurers

Partnering with P360 in our Workplace Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation Program provides a range of benefits that help to expedite workers compensation claims.

Our team uses the latest technology and tools to screen, assess, review and measure our patient’s capacity, resulting in effective diagnosis and treatment.

This precision approach enables a faster and more effective injury management process for both patients, employers and insurers. 

We can:

  • Improve an injured worker’s compliance with treatment and job-seeking
  • Improve a worker’s functional capacity leading to a safe return to pre-injury duties
  • Offer complex case management utilising allied health and medical treatment
  • Manage both new injuries and medical-related injuries
  • Provide case conferencing for employers and insurers
  • Reduce the future risk of injury in your existing workforce by providing proper training
  • Provide cost-effective, high-quality treatment
  • Reduce workers compensation premiums for our corporate clients

Data-Driven Claim Management with P360 Technology

At P360 we use a wide range of technology to assist our treatment providers with making the best clinical decisions whilst also minimising risk.

This allows us to provide very specific recommendations on a worker’s capacity, the viability of suitable duties offered, as well as the number of hours a patient can safely work before there is an increased risk of injury.

We use tools, machines and sensors including:

  • Kinetisense Advanced Movement Screening: a 3D motion capture technology that utilises Microsoft Kinect Technology to capture all joints in the body in all planes of movement from a single camera
  • Longitude 6 Wearable Sensors: On-body sensors that give a true indication of movement, load, effort and other metrics
  • DorsaVi: Wearable movement sensors that use accelerometers and gyroscopes to provide accurate information regarding movement quality and magnitude.
  • Hand-Held Dynamometry: a portable measurement device used for assessing muscle function
  • Ultrasound Tissue Characterisation (tender imaging): UTC imaging collects 3D images allowing excellent visualization of internal tissue characteristics – particularly effective in evaluating tendon structure
  • ValdForce Frame and ForceDecks: Dynamometers that measure maximal voluntary strength, and force plates that provide feedback on the quality of force a patient can sustain

Partner with the Workplace Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation Experts

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