Sports Screening

The Performance 360 High-Performance Assessment is a thorough and detailed assessment of your current physical status. Whether you have a current injury or condition, or you are looking to improve your overall health, fitness, or strength, the P360 High-Performance Assessment can benefit you.

Our High Performance Assessors utilise the tools and technology that we have available to us to complete the assessment, and then all results and findings are provided to the P360 Senior Clinical Consultants to evaluate and complete a final assessment report.

If you are a current client of P360, this report will be used to provide direction and recommendations for your treatment plan or strength and conditioning program. We can also provide this report to another clinician or clinic to utilise in their treatment or your condition or injury.

Additionally, the reports can be sent to other medical professionals (surgeons, GPs etc) to gain information on your progress, and they can be used for complex cases to ascertain answers which cannot be seen by the untrained eye.

Performance 360 has access to a wide range of the latest technology and assessment tools to gather information about your physical status.

VALD Performance
UCT Imaging
High Perfomance Injury Assessment

UTC Imaging

Tendon pain has a direct impact on an individual’s function and performance. It has been shown that patella tendon pathology results in changes in landing muscle recruitment patterns.

UTC imaging can quantitatively evaluate tendon structure and thereby discriminate symptomatic and asymptomatic tendons. UTC imaging is an innovative technique that adds new dimensions to diagnostic ultrasound, namely 3D imaging capabilities next to the novel tissue characterisation properties. As such it can be used for lesion-prone tendons like Achilles and patella.

Benefits of UCT Imaging

  • Operator independent meaning you get the same quality scan every time
  • 3D visualisation & tissue characterisation into 4 distinct categories
  • Quantification of tendon structure for monitoring
  • Validated in research as being able to detect a change in tendon structure
  • Early detection of overstraining and degeneration
  • Ability to predict potential pathology
  • Ability to identify plantaris involvement
  • Facilitates the management of safe athlete training loads


Wearable Movement Sensors from dorsaVI ViMove 1 & 2 utilises accelerometers and gyroscopes to provide accurate information regarding movement quality and magnitude. ViMove has modules for knees, running, and hamstrings.

What does dorsaVi tell us?

  • The amount of control you have in your knee when landing and running
  • Consistency of your landing patterns
  • Speed and amount of your knee movement in and out
  • Confidence in bending the knee on landing
  • Confidence in using your quad muscles for force production (jumping power etc)
  • Favouritism when running – ground contact times, ground reaction forces etc
  • Confidence in hamstring (important if a hamstring graft has been used)
DorsaVi measuring movement quality and magnitude
Wearable Movement Sensors from DorsaVi


Kinetisense is a 3D motion capture technology that utilises Microsoft Kinect Technology to capture all joints in the body in all planes of movement from a single camera.

The data is exclusively used by P360 along with other technologies to better reason and target a treatment plan and provide valuable information that clients can see that they never knew about. The data allows us to understand predictive and compensatory patterns from a birds-eye view.

Kenetisense 3D Body Movement Video

What does Kinetisense tell us?

  • How you prepare to move and prepare to land by adjusting your trunk, shoulders and hips which allows us to improve your cues – the knee is the end result of all the other parts not putting it in the right place to do the right job
  • The amount of difference from when you start a movement till you finish
  • the movement front-on, side-on and top-down (from above)
Kinetisense 3D full body motion capture
Technology that captures all joint movement in the body

Vald Strength Testing

Vald ForceFrame is one of the Dynamometers used by P360 to measure maximal voluntary strength. P360 has worked with Vald on the best ways to standardise testing. P360 have a unique way of analysing the data to perform risk and performance analysis and set goals for the treatment providers to execute.

Why is maximal isometric strength important?

Plenty of evidence there suggests the ratios and absolute values of knee straightening strength are crucial to minimizing risk of re-injury and maximizing performance. Hip and trunk strengths also give us invaluable evidence regarding adaptation strategies and determining how we can optimise your landing strategies and power output.

Kinetisense capturing full body move and landing
Kinetisense allows us to understand predictive and compensatory patterns
Kinetisense allows us to target a treatment plan and provide valuable information

Vald Nordbord is one of the most famous technologies on the market at the moment and P360 was one of the original users of the equipment when launched in 2016. Vald is a leading validated equipment tool to manage hamstring problems – one of the largest debilitating injuries to elite and sub-elite athletes. P360 also utilises the data to assist with ACL rehab especially if a hamstring graft has been used as it specifically targets the site of the graft.

Vald ForceDecks are force plates which give us feedback on favouritism and quality of movement and force production. Absolutely essential in return to sport assessment and treatment planning. The Plates can be used to improve contact time and ability to absorb (when landing) and produce power (when taking off or changing direction).

Essential return to sport assessment and treatment planning
Vald is a leading equipment tool to manage hamstring problems

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