Physiotherapist Consulting with Patient


Physiotherapy is about improving the way you function. Pain and injury prevent you functioning properly and can have devastating effects on your well being. We diagnose and treat your injury or issues that you have and assist you in reaching goals along with planning to improve your quality of life or performance.

The key features of P360 physiotherapy treatment plan include.

  • Dry Needling
  • Sports Taping
  • Manual Therapies
  • Education and Exercise Therapy Programs

Exercise Physiology

Exercise physiologists can treat and prescribe exercise programs to cover a range of medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, asthma, cardiovascular diseases and mental health along with many other conditions.

At P360 our exercise physiologists have extensive knowledge about how the human body works and the benefits that exercise can have on it both mentally and physically.

Exercise Physiology strength and conditioning program
Athletic Assessments

High Performance Assessments

The P360 High Performance Assessment is a detailed assessment of your current physical status. Whether you have a current injury or condition, or you are looking to improve your overall health, fitness or strength the assessment can benefit you. 

After completing the assessment all results and findings are provided to the P360 Senior Clinicians to evaluate and complete a final assessment report. Our staff then use the report to direct your treatment plan or strength & conditioning program.

Workplace Health Solutions

Our workplace health solutions program offers a variety of services including workcover and early intervetion programs.

Early intervention programs are an excellent way for minor injuries or physical complaints to be handled to minimise cost and maximise productivities of workers. So many minor complaints can be managed within 3 to 5 sessions of physiotherapy without having to go on to workers compensation. Unfortunately once in the “system” many workers end up longer then they should.

P360 can arrange a tailored EIP program to suit the needs of your business and its workers.
Benefits of EIP include

  • Reducing false claims whereby workers “do an injury” at work when they are sore from the weekend – they can simply be seen by P360 and put on the path to feeling better and performing better
  • Improve culture by looking after employees whether injured at work or not
  • Save $1000’s of dollars of loss of productivity with workers on unnecessary reduced duties
  • Being used a screen to see if workcover is the cheapest and best way to progress

How does it work?
Simply have the worker call our clinic and we will do an initial assessment and treatment and get back in touch to determine the best course of action

Workplace Health Solutions