Dennis Holland

Dennis Holland

High-Performance Assessment Consultant

Dennis has been involved in sport for over 35 years. He has played, coached and physically trained athletes at the highest level. For the past 20 years, he has run his own fitness training business which has specialised in individual preparation and rehabilitation. Technology has now finally caught up to his vision of how an athlete should prepare for their chosen sport.

He has worked closely with some of Australia’s leading physiotherapists and progressed their patients back into action after the initial treatment stage was completed. He has also worked with several insurance companies and the Brain Injury Unit at Liverpool, to rehabilitate people after injury.

His experience and insight allowed him to be the first in Australia to offer the worlds latest technology to every athlete, not just those in the professional ranks. As a director of P360 he will focus on providing the best objective testing options for all sporting teams as well as creating a new standard of care in the OH&S sector.

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