Cricket injuries are unfortunately common. Fast bowlers are often the most injured with the physical demands of bowling taking their toll but batsman, spinners, fielders and wicket keepers get injured too. Injuries can be due to overuse or occur suddenly and they occur in young and older players alike. They can also happen in games or training.

It is worth getting checked out if you are experiencing the following symptoms or issues

  • Low back pain when bowling (or if you start bowling slower for no reason)
  • Shoulder or elbow pain especially when throwing or bowling spin
  • A sudden muscle strain when running between wickets or bowling – especially in the thigh, abdominal or calf muscles
  • Rolling your ankle in the field or when bowling
  • Knee pain when running or bowling
  • Elbow pain while batting

Getting it checked out with a medical or health practitioner that has experience in cricket will help with

  • Reducing the risk of further damage and enhance healing.
  • Ensure minimal impact on performance and ability to play.
  • Identify what is required to stop it happening again.

Am I eligible for The Cricket Australia Insurance Program?

If the injury was sustained during a registered game of cricket, they may be eligible for the Cricket Australia Insurance Program, which includes: If you wish to discuss your suitability and eligibility for cricket insurance and if P360 can help please submit a form to Aaron (either messenger to my hp physio messenger or form to my direct email.

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