MCL Injuries

An MCL (Medial Collateral Ligament) injury occurs when there is damage to the ligament on the inside of the knee. It can be a full or partial tear or a stretching of the ligament. An MCL injury is caused by an excessive external force which pushes the knee inwards.

Common Symptoms:

  • Pain on the inside of the knee which increases when a force is applied to the outside of the knee
  • Possible swelling
  • Possible instability with weight bearing activities

Physiotherapy treatment will vary based on the amount of damage to the ligament and the goals of the injured individual. However, the main goals of early treatment will be to:

  • Manage pain and swelling
  • Increase strength of the muscles around the knee
  • Regain full range of motion of the knee joint

Most of the time, surgery is not required for a full recovery and physiotherapy is sufficient. Depending on the grade of injury, 4-6 weeks of lower limb strengthening exercises can be sufficient to allow a full return to activities.

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