knee replacement rehab

After a knee replacement in the early phases, we are aiming to increase range of motion, this will improve your functionality in everyday life. We can assist you to do this by guiding you through exercises that start off easy at first, which are to be performed frequently. In those early stages, swelling is still potentially an issue and so we can assist with symptoms through soft tissue work, which may assist in clearing swelling allowing you to go about your day more comfortably.

When we transition from the early phase to more mid-phase, swelling may still be an issue, but less likely and we can begin shifting our focus on increasing load and therefore increasing strength. We will also identify any other issues that are present through the kinetic chain by assessing hip and ankle function.

Mid phase our focus will solidify the gains in range and increase strength throughout the whole lower limb. You should notice significant improvements in everyday tasks, such as climbing stairs and getting out of chairs. This will become noticeably easier, with significant reductions in discomfort. The later phase of rehab is largely building on what has been achieved through the earlier phases and consolidating the strength. This usually involves increasing resistance and therefore load ensuring we build capacity to make everyday life much easier and reduce any chances of complications, getting you back to whatever your goal is.

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