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Busting the Myths on Telehealth for Physios

We all know Coronavirus is causing a panic and a disruption to people’s lives but if you still wish to aim to improve your day to day physical capacity and feel better then options exist, some would say in the bigger picture more effective ones. 

Five myths in telehealth and how you could be doing yourself a disservice by not jumping online to #beabetteryou

I don’t know how you can provide a valuable consult

We can still diagnose

The best physical health diagnosticians in the world can figure out a diagnosis from a carefully listened to history and understanding of what has been going on.  We then do a series of tests which add value to our thoughts and help us identify other things contributing.  These tests can often be seen in a series of movement or resistance based tests.  We can still “test” these things using video and our role is to interpret what your body is telling you.

We can still set goals, provide a prognosis and create an effective treatment plan

Often I see people when they attend a clinic for the first time with a new problem and the belief is that I must do all this great hands-on work to show my value.  It is often easy to commence treatment with a 20-minute goal in mind and make you feel better for a short period of time thereafter – and sometimes that’s all people want.  Truth is though anything you can change quickly can change back just as quick and it all needs to be part of a process of progressing to achieve a goal.  I have seen and done myself in the past many consults where you jump in and treat without really understanding what you are treating and WHY.

So if you really want the best out of your treatment and managing your problem then understanding your goal is crucial.  Understanding how to go from where you are to where to want to be is essential.  A good clinician will identify ALL barriers to that journey and then map out a course of action for it 

You need to use your hands

People often say but you need your hands and to feel what’s happening.  I whole-heartedly agree that this can help but when it comes to really making you feel better it is understanding how you are moving and how your current problem is affecting you.  A telehealth consult still enables us to provide the direction to train your body to move how it should by using our eyes and our ears.  If hands-on is required we will find strategies to make sure it is done within your treatment plan but if not what are the options?? Do nothing and get worse??

There are so many tools out there that can be used to deliver muscle releases and decrease tension.  We can help you arrange them and show you how to use them.   We can even show you how to do things like taping if it helps. 

How do you measure how I am going?

We love numbers and testing things and this holds true.  From your initial telehealth consult, we can determine if we do need to test something and then we can show you how we can actually arrange either us to come to you to test those things or if we can send you something to test yourself and guide you through that on our next telehealth consult. 

Progress is measured in a couple of ways and the measuring tools are more reliable but we can still get a good indication of how you are progressing.  Plus we will be guided by what your body is telling you and interpret that appropriately.

You are forced to progress to sustainable self-management 

We can teach you how to utilise whatever equipment you have got to achieve whatever goal you have in mind.  One of the key roles of any physiotherapist should be providing accountability and support and skill-based guidance through your program.   Almost all problems in health care and physical performance require ongoing management most of which is better done and more effective when a self-management strategy is taken. Our role is to assist you in defining the path, identify barriers and their solutions, assess, execute and educate so that you achieve the goal and have the tools to maintain.

I don’t have the equipment required

A truly good physiotherapist will find a way to be creative with household items.  Empty tins of paint and buckets with water and sand –> held together by broomsticks if need be; hammers, baseball bats; bricks & tiles.  I reckon there are effective exercises involving toilet paper as well.  Most importantly when strengthening or exercising it is creating the necessary intensity and on a telehealth consult, we can assist in seeing how your household items can be used to deliver what is required. 

Part of your plan may be to assist in getting you the right equipment.  Options for purchasing or leasing cheap testing tools; helping you to know which dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, plates, machines, slide-boards, bands and fancy equipment are best to help you and probably assist with purchasing them.

So with P360 telehealth consult with me – you can expect

  • A P360 Client Action Plan which will outline
    • An understanding of your problem –> diagnosis or what is needed to confirm a diagnosis (imaging etc)
    • An understanding and assistance with your goal
    • An understanding of the barriers you have to achieving that goal
      • What is weak and/or restricted
      • What is working and what is not?
      • How we can improve your movement patterns to achieve your goal
    • An outline of the step to achieve it
    • A solution in how to execute it
  • A day-one strategy to manage your pain
  • Options for ongoing effective management
    • Further Telehealth consults
      • From home or at the gym
    • Home visits
    • Assessments
    • Getting to the clinic
    • Purchasing tools to do things
  • Access to an online or app-based program to keep you compliant and accountable and to make sure you do what we say right (we can video you doing them and set them up within the app)

If you like book in now – follow this link https://bit.ly/3b54sXa

Or for more information please send me a message www.m.me/aaronlewis.physio and we can discuss


BAppSc (Phty) Masters (Sports PHTY) APAM

High-Performance Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist, Director

Aaron Lewis is a Physiotherapist with a focus on Achilles tendon, ACL tears, hamstring, and Upper limb throwing and lifting pathology. He is also the founding director and senior consultant Physiotherapist at Performance 360.

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