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P360 is a leading Allied Health and Sports Medicine organisation. We deliver positive outcomes using expert assessments and high performance treatment plans.

P360 use innovative techniques and high quality equipment. We offer a unique opportunity in the Allied Health industry to access some of the latest clinical technology and assessments, as well as delivering goal-based programs for the clients.

With expert clinical and assessment consultants available to work with your team on developing the best outcomes, P360 offers an experience like no other in the healthcare and fitness industries.

The P360 Employee Experience

Performance 360 prides itself on providing a working environment that
strives for the best practice as well as a high standard of teamwork. P360 has
implemented nine Cultural Values to assist our team display these values and
demonstrate them in their working environment.

P360’s culture may be one of its strongest assets. The reason why it’s so important
is that its impact goes far beyond the talent in the business; it has a significant impact
on P360’s goal. Culture and values drive the success of the business.

By having a strong and thriving culture with strong values will:

  • Establish a foundation for success
  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Promote the business
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Drive productivity
  • Distinguish us from the competitors

The following are the cultural values that P360 strongly believe in:


P360 pride themselves on:

  • being knowledgeable
  • being the best
  • being sought after

Proactive Improvement

P360 pride themselves on:

  • not being content
  • on thinking of how to be better and putting plans in place to achieve them
  • on taking initiative to learn and better yourself and the clinic

High Performance

P360 pride themselves on:

  • executing knowledge and skills to achieve the desired result
  • not settling for the second best outcome – raising the bar


P360 pride themselves on:

  • taking ownership of a problem and forming a solution
  • reflecting on how things could be done better and achieving it


P360 pride themselves on:

  • being proud of your wins, regardless of how small they are and enjoy it
  • celebrate wins your team have as wins to yourself – we all contribute
  • acknowledge your co-workers
  • reinforce why we chose to do this


As a team, we should:

  • make sure we help our fellow co-workers
  • leave the ego at the door
  • work as a unit
  • equality
  • communicate


P360 pride themselves on:

  • building relationships with people that you see for true value you are
  • commit to helping people and processes


P360 pride themselves on:

  • having self-respect
  • be seen to be professional in all your encounters
  • effective communication and language


At P360 we want to show that WE LOVE WHAT WE DO!

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