Is a positional abnormality that literally means twisted neck, resulting from a unilateral shortening of the neck muscles which limits neck range of motion which in the majority of cases is caused by a muscular problem. The cause of either thought to be from intrauterine positioning, trauma during birth causing compression of the neck, but can come about due to postural/positional causes.                  


Torticollis will most likely present in the first 3 months of life, but can go unnoticed until the child begins to move, except with postural torticollis which will begin to develop between 3-6 months. The common things seen by the parents is

  • difficulty during tummy time
  • struggling with midline control
  • weakness through muscles on the opposite side
  • delay in their development of motor skills.


Torticollis can be associated with other packaging disorders, so it is good to screen for hip and foot abnormalities. There is also an increased risk of developing a developmental delay, due to its effect on motor skills, as well as causing a plagiocephally.


Therefore, early intervention is extremely important to address this before it causes more problems.