Protective braces / boots / slings / Crutches

This includes cam boot walkers, knee ROM braces and slings.  These can often be required following an injury or surgery to ensure you heal appropriately.  Our staff can provide expert advice on what immobilization you require and fit you for it and make sure you are using it properly.

Exercise Packs

Our exercise physiologist offers a home exercise pack to ensure you can complete your ongoing exercise programs in the convenience of your home.  These packs include 20kg weight set, swiss ball, floor mat and resistance tube.

Ankle Braces

Do you play netball, soccer or any other field or court sport which requires change of direction? Ankle braces are designed to assist with injury prevention especially when recovering from a previous ankle injury or if you have ongoing instability (you keep rolling it!!). Our ASO ankle braces come in a variety of sizes and can be fitted by our expert staff for you – make sure you bring your socks and shoes in!!


We all know that tape helps the elite athlete and the weekend warrior but which tape is right for you and your problems. We have a selection of high quality rigid tape, rocktape and elastic adhesive bandage to make you feel and look right on the day!!

Creams and Gels

We have a selection of those necessary ointments and gels to ensure your warmed up or recover appropriately. Different gels have different purposes so please feel free to ask what will work best for you.


PostureMedic is a posture and strengthening system which you can wear the PostureMedic during the day to help train your postural muscles and then use the band to do your exercises. Available in various sizes and resistances.

Exercise Equipment

We have a variety of tools and products to help you complete your exercise programs at home. This includes swiss balls, theraband, wobbleboards, slide boards, BakBalls etc

Need something we don’t have – let us find it for you.