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Performance 360 (P360) offers a range of services as part of the P360 Occ Health division. The primary focus of our culture being to provide wellness and conditioning programs to make sure the right person has the right capacity to do the right job in an organisation.


Pre-Employment Screening

P360 can offer access to innovative assessment tools using new technology in an Assessment Screen which can identify areas that will allow us to provide the right information, education and advice to ensure the employee or potential employee can have a long and fruitful career doing what they love with your organisation.

Even if an employee or potential employee hasn’t had an injury, during an Assessment Screen, it may find they may have some imbalances which if addressed can ensure they are able their job to the best of their ability and can potentially avoid injury in future.


Return to Work Programs

P360 can offer a range of return to work programs for your employees. Our High Performance Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists and Massage Therapists are here to ensure your team member follows the right treatment program to achieve their goals and return to the workplace.

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