The dreaded nerve pain!!  Do you think you have sciatica?? Nerve pain can be very consuming to those who suffer it.  It may happen with lower back or neck pain but sometimes it just happens by itself and left untreated can spiral into a whole range of symptoms.


Nerves are the power supply system of the body.  They send messages to the muscles to move and relay messages of touch, pain, pressure, temperature and joint position as well as other sensory information back to the spinal cord.  So when we damage a nerve it can include irritation to the nerve in which messages get mixed up on their way back and pain gets sensitised and spreads. 


When we get pain along a nerve it is called Radicular pain.  Nerves can also get squashed where they exit the spinal cord and this can result in pins and needles or numbness, reduced reflexes and reduced strength.  This is called radiculopathy.  Nerves can also get damaged (such as stingers or burners) which results in lancinating or burning pain, loss of sensation and loss of movement.  This is called neuropraxia.  


There are many strategies for dealing with nerve pain and the role of the physio will vary depending on what we find.   Often after damage a nerve becomes hypersensitive and we can work to reduce the sensitivity.  We can also work to free up the path of the nerve and train your body to control things better to keep the pressure off the nerve.