Lower back pain affects almost the entire population at some stage of their life.  Most of the time it isn’t anything serious but it can be debilitating to you affecting work, sport, hobbies and family life.


It may be chronic (long standing), acute (sudden) or a combination of both.  Either way we look at what solutions can bring you relief from day one.  We can work on techniques to free you from the debilitating nature of back pain immediately and strategise on what might be required to be free of back pain for good. We will have a combination of manual therapies and dry needling techniques at our disposal but the real key is analysing how you move and showing you how to use your back properly.  Sometimes the simplest bit of advice is all you need


There are no miracles or quick fixes to back pain but due to our expert understanding on how back pain can be for you we know that we will help you achieve your goals.  We will help you to be back to your best and moving right.

3 common misunderstandings regarding your low back pain