This describes children who fail to meet the normal range of motor skill expected for their age. This can be due to varying reasons, such as a neurological condition, orthopaedic conditions or can be idiopathic. There is a wide range of normal with regards to development and this needs to be taken into account with all children. It is important to ensure that, while some children take longer to develop, they need to keep attaining milestones. If not addressed they can lead to ongoing problems in the form of DCD.


Developmental coordination disorder (DCD) describes those school age children who have continued difficulty with gross motor, postural and/or fine motor skills that affect the child’s ability to perform and function in everyday life. Often they will be shown to be clumsy, perform poorly in sports and have poor handwriting. It has been previously thought that these issues would right themselves, however there is compelling evidence to show that this may not be the case.